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of his friend, fellow football player, odin lloyd. >> he was questioned about the player, who sources say was a close association. >> reporter: lloyd who played for boston, was found dead in massachusetts. killed execution style. the time line and circumstances as police worked on the case raised questions. it began as a night like so many others in his sometimes fast lane life. like this one in l.a. what did you do after the super bowl? i just wanted to know. abc news has learned that a week ago, hernandez and lloyd went to this boston nightclub called "rumor." so what happened? did something go wrong. hernandez and others were seen leaving the house, and hours later, odin lloyd was dead, his body discovered here on monday, walking distance from hernandez's million dollar home. and near the scene of the crime, a 2013 chevrolet suburban, reported to have been rented to aaron hernandez. but there is more. when police asked to see footage from hernandez's high tech security system, they learned the security system had been destroyed. and sources say when police asked for hernandez's cell ph
harp everybody. >> aye. >> director lloyd. >> aye. >> director metcalf. >> aye. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is five aye's and the item is approved. >> thank you. go ahead and call item 10. >> approving the minutes of the april 11, 2013 and no members of the public wanted to address you on that item. >> moved. >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. >> i will do a roll call vote. director harper. >> aye. >> director lloyd. >> aye. >> director metcalf. >>ide. >> director reiskin. >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is five aye's and the minutes are approved. >> thank you. can we please move back to item seven. >> item seven is a presentation and public hearing for fiscal year 2013-2014 capital budget not to exceed $282,814,000 and fiscal year 2013-2014 operating budget in an amount not to exceed $5,612,895. >> is the cfo able to report on this item? >> good morning directors. this is the presentation of a two quit million dollars capital budget and $5 million operating budget for the next year fiscallary year and it's based on the staff report i
investigation. 27-year-old oden lloyd's body was found about a mile from hernandez's home on monday. lloyd died from a gunshot wound to the head. his relatives say lloyd and hernandez were friends. surveillance video from nightclubs show they were together just hours before lloyd was shot. >>> in other news around the bay, investigation continues into a crash between a muni bus and car yesterday at fell street in san francisco. muni officials say the driver of the car made an illegal u- turn and the bus t-boned it. the bus driver panicked and kept driving with his foot on the accelerator until the passenger hit the brakes. nobody was seriously hurt. >>> a pivotal moment in oakland's recent history previewed on the silver screen last night. the movie "fruitvale station" tells the story of the final hours of oscar grant's life. he was shot and killed four years ago while detained by bart police. grant's family was at the theater. the film will be released nationwide on july 12. >>> the powerball jackpot is up to $127 million for tomorrow night's drawing. no one matched all six numbers wednesday.
of oden lloyd at this time. but oden lloyd as you said is indeed -- was 27 years old. he was a semipro football player and according to lloyd's family, he was friends with aaron hernandez and he's known him for a time. he said they liked to party together. they know he was together, for example, on sunday, or rather, last friday, going to a nightclub together, the two of them. and we also know from some reporting from "the boston globe" that video surveillance cameras captured those two men on the same street where lloyd lives just a few hours before police say mr. lloyd was murdered. >> so, police are also looking in to a strip club in rhode island. how does that figure into this investigation, susan? >> reporter: well, that's a good question, and it's hard to say, but police do confirm to us that a search warrant was executed at the strip club in providence, rhode island called desire gentlemen's club and this was conducted, again, on thursday. police say it is indeed part of this ongoing investigation, but we don't know to what degree. we can tell you this. authorities tell us that
was with lloyd the night he died. the lloyd was found dead in industrial park less than a mile from hernandez's home. we're following new developments. we have a live report from boston in moments from now. jenna: meantime some new leaks revealing brand new information what happens to data collected by our government's top see vet -- secrete surveillance problem. happy friday. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. "the guardian" revealing document that is the nsa can keep documents about communications on or about u.s. citizens if it contains developments or evidence of crimes. this comes as new questions about admitted leaker edward snowden after reports that highering screeners at nsa contractor booz allen hamilton found possible discrepancies on his resume' but hired him anyway. president obama set to hold his first of ever meeting with a privacy board created way back in 2004. we have team fox coverage. white house correspondent ed henry is live on the north lawn but we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, how would you describe these ne
by hernandez at one of the crime scenes in the case. hernandez lloyd and two other men were out together the night of lloyd's death. the two men got into the car driven by hernandez. prosecutors announcing they are looking to find a silver mirror cover that broke off the vehicle. >> yesterday when i got home there were under covers every where a lot of cops over here. i took the dog for a walk and they are like oh, we can't tell you. >> the police identified lloyd as a man found dead one mile from the nfl star's house. this on the meals of a report that hernandez was involved in another shooting this one taking place in miami. he's reportedly the subject of a lawsuit that alleged he shot a man at a miami strip club in february. police closed that case without filing charges. we will keep following this story. coming up next are you striking out while trying to find a job in a lot of people are these days. we are bringing in cheryl casone when yso you think out of the bx when trying to buy a house. >>> new changes are on the horizon that might make seats safer. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ m
. >> reporter: the family a of lloyd also wants to know what happened monday night. they wonder why lloyd, a friend of hernandez, was shot dead. his body discovered a half mile from hernandez's home. police are not calling hernandez a suspect in the murder, but lloyd's family want to know why police are searching hernandez's home. what do you make of the questions he is being asked and what would you like to know? >> i would like to know why. he was a very great guy. what could he possibly have done to anger anybody to do that. that's all i can really say. >> do you think he might have had something to do with it? >> i don't want to comment on that. >> she explained her relationship saying her brother's girlfriend and hernandez's fiancee are sisters. she confirms that on friday both men were at a nightclub together. as far as you know, ever have any angry words between them? >> not that i know of. >> back at the crime scene, investigators using metal detectors pokes through piles of dirt looking for evidence in lloyd's murder. hernandez's lawyer won't comment on the investigation. wbz rep
searched his home and questioned him over the death of 27-year-old odin lloyd. a law enforcement source says lloyd was shot to death on monday. his body was found in an industrial park less than a mile from hernandez's home. hernandez has not said anything publicly, has not been seen out since yesterday. police have not named him as a suspect in the killing. but he is also not cleared. not in the clear yet. cnn national correspondent, of course, susan candiotti. she is live for us in massachusetts. she is following this investigation. susan, give us the very latest on this. >> reporter: hi, don. well, it was -- it's been pretty quiet all day long except for a couple of hours ago when we saw two massachusetts state police investigators show up at the house here. they drove up the driveway. they walked out. one of them carrying paperwork with them. and came up to the front door, rang the doorbell. a woman allowed them inside, invited them in. they spent only about a minute inside. then the two men left and dve away without making any comment at all. again, aaron hernandez, not at the hous
into the murder of 27-year-old odon lloyd. we have been unable to confirm that. there are other reports saying explicitly, it is not true. his body was found, lloyd's was, in an industrial area about a mile from his home. in the last days, people have been searching hernandez' home and the surrounding area. sources tell fox that they were spotted together on the night lloyd was murdered and hernandez may have been caught on tape with the murder victim before his murder. hernandez' neighbors reported hearing gunshots that night. the man died of several gunshots. a video surveillance system at hernandez' home was reportedly seriously damaged when the police arrived. this is a developing story. we are going to take a closer look at it. reports about his cell phone and attempts to clean up what may be a crime scene and much, much more in just a moment. >>> in a developing story out of washington where we are learning the details of a program, a federal government program that encourages federal workers to spy on each other, basically, to spy on their co-workers and to report to the boss if they se
with the investigation into a murder of semi pro football player named odin lloyd. police had previously searched in and around the home as they try to figure out who killed lloyd. >> obama officials pressuring hong kong to comply with the extradition of edward snowden. this after federal prosecutors charged the national security agency contractor with espionage and theft. if convicted he faces decades behind bars. snowden says the leaked documents about secret government surveillance programs and. that is it for now. back to "cavuto on business". for all the latest go to ♪ >> charles: immigration bill bummer. key government says it we reduce the deficit over the next ten years. it's also saying wages would decline. for all workers. ben? >> and of course they will decline. you will get lower wage workers. historically the purpose of immigration laws has been exactly that to press wages downward. that will do it this time, too. a lot of the jobs they will be taking are jobs that americans don't want to have in the first place. it really wouldn't matter what you plan to pay a person.
of that search in progress. the player is in investigation of a semi pro football player named odin lloyd whose body found nearby. they searched in and around the home as they try to figure out who killed lloyd. >>> the judge in a george zimmerman murder trial ruling that the audio experts cannot testify on the screams heard in 911 calls. one expert ruled zimmerman as the screamer and other said trayvon martin. zimmerman said he shot in self-defense last year. opening statements are set for monday. i'm arthel nevil and going back to "cashin' in" and i'll be back at 6:00 eastern along with rick folbaum. >> eric: hope you shall not shy about sharing your personal medical records. new health care rule in the president's law requires state, federal and local agencies to swap health information on anyone signing up for new programs. programs mind you that will be enforced by the irs. colonel west, you can't be happy with this? >> absolutely not. eric, it's just the same as nancy pelosi said back in 2010, we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it. we're going to find out more heinou
-old odin lloyd was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds less than a mile from his mansion in north attleboro on thursday. it's being reported he intentionally destroyed his security system and smashed his cell phone before handing over fragments to investigators. the victim's sister tells cnn the two men were at a boston night club together friday night and that lloyd was dating the sister of hernandez's fiancee. >> i was not there but i do know they did go out this weekend. >> reporter: and they went together to a night club? >> yes. >> reporter: as far as you know, did they ever have any angry words between them? >> not that i know of. >> reporter: and you talked to your brother a lot, didn't you? >> almost every day. >> hernandez is not talking but the whole country is talking about hernandez. joining me is a reporter from the "boston globe." >> we've been able to report that the police have recovered video. we're not exactly sure of the source. very likely could be security video from the neighborhood where odin lloyd was from. a man who appears to be aaron hernandez with lloyd
sending in an often are sooner to get them out. that man would be 24-year-old oss officer lloyd smith. smith the bin station in egypt for almost a year and then promoted to captain recruited by oss in cairo in early september september 1943. an oss recruiter promised smith because his brother clayton was headed overseas to serve as a pilot on that the bee 26 bomber. smith later wrote unless i get something more exciting than ordinance that would have trouble living with him after the war. soon after smith arrived at oss headquarters to bari italy his commanding officer said to him we have a priority job. how should like to volunteer to go to albania? though smith knew little of the trainer language he agreed to locate the stranded americans and bring them to the coast for evacuation with a three-hour -- under his belt. smith received his orders on november 30 and by the evening of december 2 yesterday made two attempts to cross the adriatic by the vote another port cities southeast of bari. when a second attempt had been canceled that day because of the discovery of german minds in th
-old odom lloyd and with him on the night of lloyd's death. police in massachusetts searching the industrial park where they found odom's body dumped. mr. hernandez lives about a mile away in a $1.3 million mansion. they have searched his home for several hours at a time. and several hours ago hernandez drove to the gillet stadium and now left in the car. we want to make sure the police are not chasing him and so it is not like the white broncho chase. there were reports that he was about to be arrested. we haven't been able to confirm them at all. it could be news choppers trying to follow the football star in case he gets arrested. they are taking a closer look with mr. hernandez with the murder of someone who was his associate and he was out with him on the night of the man's death. we will have a live report just a head. >> fox news alert. breaking news on washington's effort to deal with 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. the senate killed a proposal from texas senator john cornyn that would have blocked citizenship until the border was secured. secure the border and then st
' player aaron hernandez. a law enforcement source tells cnn that oden lloyd, the man whose body was found near his home, was shot to death. susan candiotti joins us live from massachusetts. good morning, susan. >> reporter: good morning, chris. among the headlines this morning, aaron hernandez, the patriots' star tight end, is seen on surveillance videos with his friend, oden lloyd, the night before lloyd was murdered. according to that same report in "the boston globe," they were seen together on the street where lloyd lived. and on this street, the question is, where is aaron hernandez? he hasn't been seen here since he left for a meeting with his attorney yesterday. the embattled patriots' tight end spent much of thursday away from home. first he drove to gillette stadium as a news helicopter hovered overhead tracking his white suv. hernandez hustled into the facility. next he stopped for gas where he was bombarded with questions from reporters. >> reporter: can you tell us -- anything you want to say? what happened on monday night? can you just tell us what happened on monday night? >
to this homicide investigation issued early this morning, related specifically to this murder. odin lloyd, just 27 years old, his body was found in taken industrial park just one mile from where hernandez lives. sources telling fox 25 that a hard drive to the home surveillance system in the hernandez home was heavily damaged. and there is evidence of two hooded men walking into the hernandez home shortly after neighbors heard gunshots. another source says hernandez, lloyd and two other men were reportedly at a bar in boston on the night of the murder. at some point they all left together in a car driven by hernandez. that was confirmed by a text lloyd sent to another friend. shortly after hernandez entered his residence he was seen at the lloyd residence in at th -- in h attleborough. a mirror was broken off the car and it could be advice able between dorchester and north attleborough. complicating this investigation there could be a number of rental cars involved. one of the rental cars had been rented in his name. martha: all of that raises a lot of questions. rick: four days ago a man's body wa
the mistakes of a previous generation. state senator frank nicely defends the process. >> do you think lloyd is wrong on this issue? >> i am not going to say lloyd is wrong, he is looking at it from different angle. lloyd wishes it never happened. it did happen, i am wishing we fixed it. >> reporter: the ban on mountain top mining failed this spring. they're launching a grass roots effort to put it over the top when it comes up again next year, sparking a new feud in the tennessee hills. in app lach a, john roberts. >>> gi jane could be a few years away. they plan to allow women in combat roles, elite army rangers and s.e.a.l.s. jennifer griffin on tearing down the glass ceiling on the battlefield. >> reporter: the pentagon is a step closer in opening combat positions to mission, laying ground work for them to enter rangers and navy s.e.a.l.s, some hurdles remain. this summer, the marines plan to test 400 male and 400 female marines to find a way to screen recruits, ensure those entering combat can succeed carrying out 250 physically demanding tasks. the special operations community says phy
friend lloyd. we have more on the story. >> nfl star aaron hernandez finds himself in the middle of a mur deaf inve murder investigation evolving every day. hernandez allegedly destroyed evidence including surveillance tape. he reportedly had his house scrubed by cleaners hours before lloyd's body was found. according to the fox tation in men were out together after loud's death. the four men got into a car driven by hernandez. his body was found less than a mile from the tightened's home. there is video evidence of hernandez and two other men wearing hooded sweatshirts walking into hernandez' home within minutes of neighbors hearing gun shots. hernandez is seen as loud tells one hour earlier. yesterday loud lloyd's mother sd her grief. claer clear oo (inaudible n. ( >> they don't plan to comment during the police investigation. they plan to search hernandez' home later today all after hernandez is being sued for suing a man in the arm at a strip club in miami. >> that's an odd one. that man was shot in the arm and somehow lost his eye. we will continue to look into this and we have arthu
lloyd at an industrial park on monday. lloyd was a fast ball play for a semi pro team in bobble, called the boston bandits. our station there has been doing great work, finding out the facts here. wfxt in boston reports they surveillance video captured aaron hernandez and two other people walking into the nfl star's home this week, within minutes of neighbors hearing gunshots. we're outside the home. do we have any idea where aaron hernandez is now? reporter: actually, shep, we don't know. we don't know if he returned to this home or where is less than a mile or so a short walk from where the body was discovered just down the road there has been some activity at the home today. in the last hour we saw a silver nissan drive back into the driveway. a couple of women got out of the car, and a few moments later a white suv pulled in, with tinted windows, and we don't know if aaron hernandez may have been in that vehicle or not. the last time the was a truly confirmed sighting of aaron hernandez, driving a white audi into a parking garage not far from his attorney's office. and state police
of 27-year-old odon lloyd was found monday. lloyd was a member of the local semipro football team. he and hernandez were associates. sources say a rental car tied to the investigation was rented in hernandez' name. and more trouble for the pro bowler also came to light this week. a lawsuit filed back in june, june 13th, actually, alleges hernandez shot a man in the face after an argument at a miami strip club. joining me live on the phone is wesley lowrie. what's the latest? >> thanks so much for having me. it's been quite a circus here in boston. unclear if and when an arrest will be made and if an arrest is made, what that arrest will be. again, police seem to believe aaron hernandez is in some way involved in the murder of odon lloyd. it's far too early to tell when he'll be arrested as an accessory, whether he was involved personally, whether or not he was just there. again, a lot is developing today and it looks like this will probably stretch out a few days in the future as well. it's unclear if any legal action is going to happen today, if there will be an arrest warrant or the
issued in connection of the shooting death of his friend odin lloyd. a warrant for obstruction of justice was drawn after police discovered that the security system at his home and cellphone were both destroyed. they say he hired a large team of house keepers to clean his house on monday. a video shows them both together hours before his death but so far no warrants have been ironed into this case. >>> an autopsy on james gandolfini has confirmed the soprano star died after heart attack according to a family friend. they say there is no evidence of substance abuse or foul play. he passed away on wednesday while on vacation in italy. the funeral will be held next week in new york. the exact date will depend on when the body is returned to the u.s. photos believed to be the last pictures taken of him surfaced overnight. they showed him dining in rome at a table. the pictures were snapped by an american tourist. >>> we're going to put a big smile. a san francisco man proposes marriage at 30,000 feet in an airline was in on it. katie marzullo is here. >> people propose in owl sorts of ways. y
redundancy. lloyd: we're targeting a completion date of 2012 for tunnel 3. and we already are starting to prepare to take tunnel 1 offline. narrator: the construction of tunnel 3 is vital for maintaining the sustainability of new york's drinking water infrastructure. but the pipeline is useless if there's not a reliable supply of clean water within it. hurwitz: the city bought up land around the reservoirs to prevent it from development. it provides assistance to local residents to see that there's no pollution of the reservoirs. it's much more cost effective to prevent pollution and to protect a source of water than to remove it at the drinking water treatment plant. lloyd: what epa said to us was, "you can have an exemption from filtration "if you keep this undeveloped, "and if you can manage the wastewater so that it does not pollute your water supply." and we feel that we've reached the point where we can really keep it clean enough to drink unfiltered for the indefinite future. and new york city is in a small club of cities that actually have that filtration avoidance waiver. narr
the home tuesday evening. the body of semipro linebacker oden lloyd was found monday at an industrial park just a half mile from hernandez's home. a chevy suburban rented in hernandez's name was also left at the scene. a dozen state police officers searched surrounding woods and neighbors' property. a neighbor in lloyds chester community said he had seen hernandez 'there and he was seen dating the sister of hernandez's girlfrie girlfriend. >> he was a nice guy, never got in trouble or anything like that. >> reporter: hernandez is also the subject of a civil suit. a connecticut man claims hernandez shot him after an argument at a miami club back in february. bigad shaban, cbs news. >>> when we return, great expectations. we'll show you how prince william and kate are preparing for the birth of their baby just weeks away. preparing for the birth of their baby just weeks away. that's why we're donating to wounded warrior project. we stand strong with our nation's heroes and their families. pick up a specially marked package of brawny® to learn how you can help. i dbefore i dosearch any proje
a mile from his massachusetts home. now the local district attorney has identified the man as oden lloyd, a semi pro football player for the boston bandits whose death has been ruled a homicide. lloyd's family has said he has a connection to hernandez but did not elaborate on it. but that's not all on this story. an unrelated civil lawsuit filed recently in miami alleges hernandez shot a connecticut man after an argument at a strip club. according to, the shooting caused alexander bradley to lose his right eye and the lawsuit alleges the gun didn't have the proper license. that story is not over. >>> you shouldn't expect to see tiger woods playing competitive golf for a few weeks. he announced he's taking a little bit of time off because of an elbow strain. that can be part of the reason he day pointed at the u.s. open over the weekend finishing tied for 32nd. he says he'll be ready for the july 18th british open but clearly a lot of people knew he was hurt and wouldn't admit it. now we know hoe was hurt. >>> yankees and dodgers in a doubleheader. donny baseball making his return
into the shooting death of 27-year-old odin lloyd. neighborhood surveillance shows the men together around 2:00 a.m. hours after lloyd was shot in the head but the surveillance video from learn -- hernandez's house was intentionally destroyed and the cell phone he turned over, smashed. >> i believe it's telling he has knowledge, if not involve nmt this particular homicide. >> investigators want to know why a team of housekeepers were hired to skrub the patriots home. all of this made aaron hernandez the subtd of an arrest warrant for obstruction of justice. the victim's mother remembered her son. >> my son is a wonderful child. >> his body nound a massachusetts industrial park a mile from hernandez's home. and now more stories coming to light. he was questioned by not arrested following a 2007 double shooting and he is also currently being sued accused of shooting a man in the face in february. >> he's accused of shooting a guy in the eye? that has got to be something authorities goring to look at in connection connection with this case. >> no comment from hernandez or the legal team, believed to
are falling short in 2012. they've announced they're going to start selling the taxpayer's stake in lloyds. >> lloyds is in a good position. investor interest is growing and shares are already trading at around a price they're selling which would reduce the national debt. that's something we want to see. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange" bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> good morning. we kick off with more news. the pmi 40.9. it's a little bit more than expected. in may, of it 27.2. there was an expectation it would be just over 48. new orders are falling a little bit. euro dollar down a little bit. mr. bernanke and what he's saying about tapering. let's get some reaction on this pmi data. what are the implications of this number for q 2 gdp? >> this is another disappointing quarter for the eurozone. this was similar to what we saw in the opening quarter, but there are some reassuring signs. we seem to be seeing the contraction on a monthly basis easing in the second quarter. you might see some stabilizing. it's not all bad news. >> new orders from chin
happened to 27-year-old odin lloyd, a victim of homicide found in this industrial park less than a mile away from the star football player's home. >> a kid said he saw someone down there not moving. my boss and i went down there and there was a guy dead there. >> he was not buried. he was lying there as if he was dropped there or killed there. >> reporter: the boston globe quote sources that say hernandez and the victim may have been seen together at a boston club the night before lloyd's body was found. police have not released the cause of lloyd's death, but according to boston's wbz, law enforcement authorities say he was shot, leaving his family and friends reeling with grief. >> he's a family guy. he hasn't done anyone to hurt anyone. >> my brother sis my keeper. that's all i can say. he's always had my back through anything, and, you know, it's just tough that he's not here and i hope they found out who did it. >> reporter: police visited the home of hernandez twice this week, but sports illustrated reports they have not named him as a suspect. an attorney for hernandez provided t
aaron hernandez after police searched his home in connection with a homicide. 27-year-old odin lloyd was found shot dead monday less than a mile hernandez' home. lloyd's sister tells cnn the two were friends. paul cowen, hernandez has not been named a suspect. obviously we know the two may have been seen together hours before lloyd was killed. now there are reports that he completely -- trashed his phone, trashed his home right before police were supposed to be coming to investigate. so when you put all this together, what does it add up to you? >> i'll tell you, erin, it adds up to a lot of smoke and not too much fire. this is a circumstantial case at this point. i'm seeing somewhat of a marginal connection between hernandez and the victim in this case. but i'm not seeing a murder case, and obviously the police aren't either because you can trust me about this -- he would be wearing a pair of handcuffs right now if they had a case against him. there's a lot that links him to the murder victim. but i don't think they've crossed the threshold here. and have made their case out at this
-year-old oden lloyd whose body was found in the woods less than a mile in hernandez's home, about an hour outside boston. police are not calls hernandez a suspect, but investigators have searched his home. lloyd's sister confirms the two were friends and went to a boston nightclub together friday night. olivia thibea rufrnlthsu says there was a deeper connection, lloyd's girlfriend and hernandez's fiancee are sisters. >> he was a very great guy. what could he have done to anger anybody to do that. >> reporter: hernandez's attorney says neither he or his client will have any comment at this time. >> alina cho joining us live now. we also know he has had a bit of trouble in the past. what can you tell us about that and if there are any connections he here. >> reporter: we don't know about any connections. i can tell you there was a civil lawsuit filed that stems from an incident at a miami nightclub back in february. according to court documents, hernandez got into a fight with a man, allegedly shot him. that man ultimately lost his right eye as a result. what's interesting about th
tight end aaron hernandez. first the death of odin lloyd. he was dating the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. now an unrelated lawsuit alleges hernandez shot a man in the face after an argument in front of the miami nightclub in february. hernandez has yet to release a statement. >>> tiger woods has another reason to be sore about tying his worst career score at the u.s. open. he injured his left elbow at the same time. woods could be sidelined until the british open next month. serena williams has apologized for comments in "rolling stone" about the steubenville rape case where she said the 16-year-old girl involved, quote, shouldn't have put herself in that position. now williams said what happened in steubenville was a real shock for me. i'm deeply saddened and currently reaching out to the girl's family to let her know i'm deeply sorry for what was written in the rolling stone article. >>> the heat's chris bosh is just plain mad. he's peeved fans left before miami rallied back to win game six. he said, quote, for all those guys who left, make sure you don't come to game seve
is here to talk with us. we have new video taken from fernandez' home. dead is 27-year-old odon lloyd. what do we know about the relationship between these two men? >> we don't know anything about the relationship. it's been reported that the police say hernandez' girlfriend and brown -- hernandez' girlfriend had a sister and that sister was dating lloyd. that's all we know. we also know that the car they believe he was in was a rental car that was found near hernandez' house. was rented to hernandez. they believe lloyd used that car but it was in hernandez' name. bill: it's a mind twister. there was also a report that the two men were seen together at a nightclub the night before. i don't know if that's been confirmed but some are reporting that. >> there is a lot of reports out there. there are a lot of people coming forward. there is of course this other shooting and a lawsuit of a friend, alexander bradley who was reportedly with hernandez in february. he ended up losing his eye. but he would not identify hernandez as the shooter. they were reportedly at a strip club. this all occ
boston globe. this all started monday night. the victim is 27-year-old oden lloyd. >> he was a semi-professional football player, a known friend and associate of aaron hernandez and according to neighbors and family members hung out with footballs, hung out with hernandez and who was in remarkably good shape playing himself professionally for a semi pro team here in boston. jon: no word yet on how he wound up dead? >> none whatsoever. police and the district attorney's office have been tightlipped on this. it wasn't until last night well after deadline that they even confirmed this was a homicide. they have yet to say whether he was shot, stabbed, we really don't even know what type of murder we are dealing with. we just know that oden lloyd a friend of aaron hernandez was found dead near his home. jon: and they are looking, police are for part of a side view mirror from a car. can you explain what that is all about? >> yes, they are looking for -- the theory is potentially there was some type of transportation happening, either prior to the murder or right after the murder between
say was dating the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. the body of odon lloyd was found about a mile from hernandez's home. for now, though, attorneys for hernandez will only confirm a connection to the investigation. now, all of this, though, happens to hernandez on the heels of a civil lawsuit where a man accuses the pro bowl tight end of shooting him in the face during an argument in florida. attorneys for hernandez haven't commented on that lawsuit, which seeks at least $100,000 in damages. hernandez is one year into a seven-year contract with the patriots worth $41 million. >>> over eager fans in china stampeded past a police line, literally, and injured at least seven people yesterday when david beckham arrived for a seven-day promotional tour for a chinese soccer league. people just love him. none of the injuries are serious, thankfully. beckham released a statement sending his wishes to the injured fans. >>> amy wombach passed mia hamm for the most international goals when she scored her 156th goal last night against south korea. the u.s. beat south korea 5-0. congrats to her
the patriots' tight end with 27-year-old oden lloyd, in the hours before lloyd was found dead in this industrial park a mile away. abc news has learned police are now trying to retrieve video from the remains of a security system installed at hernandez's home. sources say when investigators arrived to question the nfl star, they found the system had been intentionally smashed. when hernandez turned his cell phone over to police, sources say, it, too, was in pieces. abc news has learned investigators also want to know why hernandez hired a large team of housekeepers to clean his million-dollar home monday, the same day lloyd was found, shot execution-style. >> the apparent attempt to destroy evidence, i believe is very telling, that he has at least knowledge, if not involvement, in this particular homicide. >> reporter: we're now learning more about the 23-year-old's previous brushes with the law. according to police, hernandez was one of several university of florida football players questioned but not arrested after a 2007 double-shooting. in may, police say hernandez got int
was with odin lloyd before he was killed this week. show 2 seconds of this race so we can tell you, sunday. jeff gordon, danica patrick, clint bowyer, they will all be at sonoma. will the weather be bad on sunday? funky? >> late in the day rain possibly. >> see? >> have a good weekend everybody. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. (stage manager) we're back in two minutes! so are you going to ask out the head? the head? there are these two msnbc guys we keep seeing around, and we don't know th
are investigating whether he's connected to the murder of semipro football player odin lloyd. his body was found monday near hernandez's home. now back to cavuto on business. >>> while a key government report says it would reduce the deficit over the next ten year, it's also say wages would actually decline for all workers. ben. >> well, of course wages will decline. influx of lower waged workers. historically the purpose of looser immigration laws has been exactly that, to put pressure on wages downward. and that will do that this time, too. but let's remember that a lot of the jobs these guys will be taking are jobs that americans don't want to have in the first place. so it really wouldn't matter what you want to pay. not many harvard chickens will want to pull the lungs out of chickens. so although i imagine that's how they feel about a lot of their professions. but the whole purpose is to lower wages. >> i find it interesting because we've established a society where americans don't have to do those jobs because they can sit at hope and collect checks. that's the alternative. if they didn't
of that man, oden lloyd, was found less than a mile from this home on monday afternoon. and reportedly surveillance cameras showed both hernandez and mr. lloyd, the victim, several hours before his body was located on the street, or rather, the video showed him on the very same street where the victim lived. that is according to a newspaper here in boston, the globe. so what exactly they are looking for, as i said, we don't know. we do know this. we have sought out a comment from the district attorney's office that has acknowledged that it is conducting a murder investigation. we have sought comment from the attorney representing mr. hernandez but he has not returned our repeated phone calls. so for now we're waiting to see how long authorities will stay in the house and try to find out more about exactly what they're looking for as part of this search. >> and then i understand the friends may have been at a strip club or something fairly recently. you went to that strip club and learned what? >> reporter: well, we learned that another search warrant -- remember, they executed a search
hours before odin lloyd was killed. police say surveillance recordings from inside hernandez's home were intentionally destroyed. espn reports hernandez will likely face charges for obstructing justice. >> the expectation if an arrest warrant has not been filed already, it will be filed soon. >> police want to know why a team of housekeepers was hired to scrub the home. so far there's no public comment from him or his legal team. >>> paula deen's fans are serving up defried outrage after a cable network dumped the southern comfort food queen after she acknowledged using a racial slur in the past. her fans lined up outside her restaurant in georgia. some said the food network jumped the gun by announcing it would not renew her contract an hour after she apologized in an online video yesterday. angry fans are bombarding the network's facebook page saying they will not be watching the channel any longer. >> the president's plan to help save the world, literally. >> a progress check on a little girl whose fight for a lung transplant made national news. >> heading outside to santa cruz. a gre
the home of aaron hernandez, looking for clues that could help them find out what happened to oden lloyd. the victim's uncle says lloyd and hernandez knew each other. hernandez's attorney issued a statement saying there would be no comment. we've learned hernandez is facing a civil suit after an incident in a club. and david beckham turned up at a chinese university in shanghai and triggered a stampede that injured five people and even some police officers ended up at the bottom of the pile. >> and they are the two most exciting words in sports, "game seven." all anyone is talking about is a sweaty head band. when lebron lost his head band in game six, it was like clark kent taking off his glasses. he scored 16 points in the fourth quarter and miami's dramatic overtime win. rachel nichols got the big scoop. will he wear it or won't he? >> dwyane wade said i'm going to talk him into not wearing it in game seven. can you give us the exclusive here? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's a very tough decision. i got to decide if i'm going to wear it or not wear it, but i think i will. >> tipof
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player odin lloyd. lloyd's body was gone about a mile from the home where hernandez lives in massachusetts. police say that hernandez surveillance system in his home was smashed. it was done intentionally and a cell phone was handed over to police and pieces. there was also a cleaning crew seen leaving his home on monday. the patriots tight end is also being sued in south florida by a man claiming that hernandez shot him in the face after an argument at a strip club. >> the miami heat made it back to back nba champions. this is the third since 2006, with a greek 95 to 88 victory over the san antonio spurs in game 7 of the nba finals. as usual, lebron james made it happen. the heat superstar poured in 37 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to earn mvp honors for the second straight year. with the heat and nursing a two-point lead, james secured the victory with a 19 ft. jumper with 27.9 seconds left. he added two free throws of four seconds later. the heat rallied from a 3 to 2 deficit to win the final two games at home. >> fans of the winning team swarmed out of american airlin
and questioned him over the death of 27-year-old odin lloyd. a law enforcement source says lloyd was shot to death on monday. his body was found in an industrial park less than a mile from hernandez's home. hernandez has notd
hernandez has been implaintiff's exhibited in the death of his friend oden lloyd who hernandez had been out partying with the night lloyd was killed. joining us have fox news contributor and sportscaster extraordinaire jim gray. all right, jim. now, the details of this are very murky. you are hearing leaks from various sources. but what do we know about hernandez himself? have there been any concerns in the past about his associations, his behavior, any criminal activity? >> well, no known criminal activity. but his associations and gang-related activity going back all the way to his high school days when he grew up in bristol, connecticut, that shied a lot of people away from him then in 2010 when he was drafted he dropped considerably in the draft because of marijuana i. he admitted to the use of marijuana. so he didn't go until the fourth round when he was picked by the patriots. i spoke to a couple of personnel directors from the nfl who said they intentionally stayed away from him because of these issues and because of the marijuana use. now it comes to light just within the last coupl
odin lloyd. his death was ruled a homicide. the two men knew each other and were together the night odin lloyd died. we have a reporter outside of the home. nicole, we have watched a lot of activity, what have they done all day? >> they shed up here at 2:20, a swarm of investigators came to the home and they went inside of the home and searched outside. and in the backyard and they also as you mentioned searched his vehicle, that white a udi suv that we have seen him come and go in several times this week. in the end after four hours, they came out with a dozen bags of evidence. it is unclear what might have been in the bags. they piled them in the vehicles and they left the scone, harris. >> do you know where hernandez is right now? >> we believe he is in his home. we will have a photographer to push in quickly to his vehicle. that white audi was there since yesterday afternoon when he arrived here at four time time 40 in the afternoon. that's the last time we saw aaron hernandez. he shed up with his attorneys. we have not seen him leave today. we believe he is inside of his home,
. >> reporter: investigators are looking for clues in the mysterious death in 27-year-old odin lloyd, whose body was found in the woods less than a mile from hernandez's home, about an hour outside boston. police are not calling hernandez a suspect, but investigators have searched his home. lloyd's sister confirms the two were friends and went to a boston nightclub together friday night. olivia says there was even a deeper connection. lloyd's girlfriend and hernandez's fiancee are sisters. >> like to know why. he's a very great guy, what could he possibly have done to anger anybody to do that. >> reporter: hernandez's attorney says neither he nor his client will have any comment at this time. >> and alina, we also know he's had a bit of a troubled past. can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: yes, alison, there are two incidents actually. the first is a civil lawsuit that stems from an incident at a miami nightclub in february. according to court documents, hernandez got into a fight with that man and shot that man who ultimately lost his right eye. that man went to police at the time, did
effective immediately." monday night, police found the body of a friend of hernandez, odin lloyd, shot dead. lloyd's body was found less than a mile away from the football player's home. tuesday, investigators searched hernandez's home as part of the investigation. on thursday, hernandez drove to gillette stadium as a news helicopter hovered overhead, tracking his white suv. hernandez hustled into the facility. next, he stopped for gas, where he was bombarded with questions from reporters. >> can you tell us anything you want to say? what happened on monday night? can you just tell us what happened on monday night? >> reporter: the family of odin lloyd also wants to know what happened monday night. police are not calling hernandez a suspect in the murder, yet, lloyd's family wants to know why police are searching hernandez's home. >> what do you make of the questions that he is being asked and what would you like to know? >> i'd like to know why, you know? he's a very great guy. what could he possibly have done to anger anybody to do that? and that's all i can really say. >> reporter: do yo
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